Installation Package

Installation New Joomla! Template

To install a new template in Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 1.7 CMS login to your Joomla website as administrator, by simply entering the url_of_your_website/administrator in your Browser. Enter the appropriate username and password {which was provided while installing Joomla} and then click on Log in.

After logging in as Joomla Admin, a Control Panel page in the top menu, locate Extensions. Click on Extensions, from the drop down menu that appears click on Extension Manager.

An Extension Manager page opens. In the Upload Package File section, click the Browse.

After clicking on the Browse a file navigator window opens. Navigate to the appropriate folder where the Joomla template file is located. Select and open the Joomla Template zip file.

The zip file name appears in the Package File text box. Click Upload & Install in order to upload the Joomla template zip file and install it into the Joomla.

Once the template zip file has been uploaded you will see the successful installation message.

In the top menu, locate the link Extensions. Click on Extensions, from the drop down menu that appears click on Template Manager.

A list of templates in Template Manager is displayed. The template which is active has a yellow color star icon under the Default column, in front of the template.

NOTE: You can assign template both to the Site (Frontend) as well as Administrator (Backend).

To make the template currently installed the default template, select the checkbox adjacent to new template name and then click the Make Default icon at the top-right hand corner.

Default style successfully set” message is displayed.

The new template will get assigned as Default template.

The template is now installed, activated and set as default.

To view the installed template in Joomla, enter the url_of_your_website in your Browser and hit GO.

The Joomla website opens with the installed template.

Quickstart Package

What is quickstart package? - "Quickstart Package" is a Joostar Template + Joomla 2.5 + all content, all modules, all components and settings used in demo site.

How to install Quickstart package?

Quickstart Package install exactly the same as a normal Joomla! installation package. (To get know more about technical requirements to run Joomla! please visit: Joomla technical requirements).

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Important: This demo is purely for demonstration purposes and all the content are designed to showcase the JooStar Joomla! 2.5 Template
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